25 - 27 August 2021


The International Education Association of South Africa invites you to the 23rd annual conference, to be held virtually from 25 to 27 August 2021.

The theme of the conference is Internationalisation, Inclusion and Social Justice – Towards a Fairer World.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of international mobility, as well as underfunding of higher education and chronic inequality in South Africa and around the world, mark a pivotal point for internationalisation of higher education. While the pandemic has been a great disruptor, we have also seen innovation and creativity in higher education and internationalisation globally.

The current situation compels us to work hard to bring about positive change in higher education, internationalisation and our societies at large. The IEASA virtual conference will explore the contributions’ internationalisation can make towards a more inclusive and socially just world. The engagements, talks and presentations will focus on internationalisation practices, approach, definitions, challenges and possibilities in the quest for a fairer world.

The 23rd annual IEASA conference will bring together leaders, experts, researchers, educators, academics, practitioners, students and innovators interested in international higher education to share thoughts, research findings, lived experiences and best practice examples. Sessions and poster presentations at the conference will offer a wide variety of engagements and discussions, such as:

  • Reimagining, reframing and redefining higher education internationalisation and international collaborations and partnerships that genuinely promote social justice and inclusion for all;
  • Critical engagement about the need to decolonise internationalisation in South Africa;
  • New approaches to internationalisation in South Africa that would see more engagement and collaboration between country’s higher education institutions;
    Engagement on whether virtual mobility can lead to more inclusion in internationalisation;
    Funding opportunities for internationalisation and international collaboration;
  • Student perspectives on internationalisation, inclusion and social justice in South Africa and beyond.