25 - 27 August 2021


Nadege Minois

Coaching Vision
Nadege Minois is a trainer and coach/facilitator in cultural competence. She trained as a biologist and for over twenty years has worked in universities and research institutes in five countries (France, USA, Germany, Austria and the UK). She has developed learning content, designed curriculum, delivered workshops and contributed many articles and presentations and has an in-depth knowledge of the various areas of the Higher Education sector. Having lived in different cultures, she also acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and witnessed many times the consequences for people and institutions to not fully recognise this diversity and implement inclusive practices. Her aim is to help organisations, particularly in Higher Education, to develop inclusive practices and lead the way in terms of social responsibility.

Coaching and Training
Group Life Coach Professional, Transformation Academy (2020)
NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, Priority Academy (2019)
Certificat de Coach Professionnel, International NLP (2019)
Getting to Grips with Coaching Groups, Acorn Principle Plus (2018)
PDA Workplace Coaching, Scottish Qualifications Authority (2017)
Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups, Scottish Qualifications Authority (2016)


DSDM Agile Professional, British Computer Society (2016)
MSP® Practitioner certificate in Programme Management, British Computer Society (2015)
Agile (DSDM) Project Management Registered Practitioner, APMG International™ (2014)

Doctorat (PhD) in Experimental Gerontology, Université Toulouse III, France (1998)
DEA (Master) in Behavioural Sciences and Cognitive Neurosciences, Université Toulouse III, France (1995)
BSc (Maîtrise) in Biology of Organisms and Populations, Université Orléans-la-Source, France (1994)