25 - 27 August 2021


Dr Nathi Madondo

Dr Nathi Madondo has a multidisciplinary ‘know-how’ in terms of the ways of being and knowing in the disciplines. This ‘know-how’ had been enabled by his involvement in the academic support programmes for students enrolled for Accounting Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) at a University of Technology, Academic Learning in English offered for Bachelor of Education in a traditional University and Science ECP in a research-intensive traditional University, which aims to broaden access to higher education for students whose schooling left them ill-equipped for success.

In his previous and current work at Rhodes University and Mangosuthu University of Technology, respectively, in South Africa, Dr madondo prepares students for mainstream courses in Science through the discipline of Science itself. Unlike the deficit model of the notion of the gaps in generic skills that students bring with them, which fails to provide genuine access to the practices of the field and leave the university and its structures outside of any critique, he works hard to make the ways of ‘doing and being’ accessible to the students in his class so that the ‘mysteries’ of scientific language are dismantled. His interests are in academic literacies, student development and decoloniality of knowledge, power and being.